Factory Records: FAC 91 Facsoft Computer Programme

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FAC 91 Facsoft Computer Programme

Notes: Apparently a game for home computers; and apparently something to do with 'Blue Monday' and STEPHEN MORRIS learning computer programming. It never got past the idea stage. It's possible that some of the work appears in the Blue Monday clip on FACT 137 'Shorts'.

STEPHEN MORRIS, talking to theskinny.co.uk [->] in 2012, said: "Well, there was a Fac number 91, which was a computer game I was apparently supposed to do – me and Carter Burwell kind of agreed to do it one day in Tony [Wilson]'s front room, and I'd completely forgotten about it until I saw a list of all these Fac numbers. I thought, 'Maybe we should finish that off one day.’ It’s just waiting. It's called Facsoft Computer Programme. There's a lot like that."

FAC 91 Facsoft Computer Programme

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