Factory Records: FACT 90 SECTION 25 From The Hip

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FACT 90 SECTION 25 From The Hip

LP: UK 1984 (Factory FACT 90) [white label]
LP: UK 1984 (Factory FACT 90)
CS: UK 1986 (Factory FACT 90C) [boxed]

5:09 The Process
4:06 Looking From a Hilltop
4:30 Reflection
3:24 Prepare to Live
3:55 Program for Light
3:12 Desert
4:13 Beneath the Blade
6:40 Inspiration

~ FAC 90A, GG, Mel/Ces, MVS 2
~ FAC 90B, GG, Mel/Ces, MVS 3



Notes: Coded in the coloured posts on the front sleeve image is the title 'From the Hip', using the same Peter Saville colour code as on FACT 75. (Same for the graphics on the rear of the sleeve.)

FACT 90 SECTION 25 From The Hip

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