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Notes: The Jazz Defektors Film was an eight minute video which in its original edit was intended to be released on with a "FACT 76" title card. That never happened but the film was released as part of the FACT 137 Shorts compilation video under the title 'Hanki Panki' (but without the FACT 76 title).

BRIAN NICHOLSON: I think it was done because Tony liked what they were doing. His Jag appears in the film. I think Tim Sullivan was working on Coronation Street at the time and would have met Tony at Granada. Malcolm Whitehead did do camera and the editing with Tim Sullivan as the director. Also, the Jazz Defektors used the video as a showreel to get them the job working on the Absolute Beginners film .

Tim Sullivan also directed the film Jack & Sarah with Richard E. Grant, then I think he went Hollywood and had something to do with a Shrek film at one stage.


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